Murray S. Daw
R. A. Bowen Professor of Physics

Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
Clemson University
Room: 202A Kinard Labs
Phone: (864) 656-6702
FAX: (864) 656-0805


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  Research areas:

Heat conduction and mode lifetimes in insulators: One area is the study of heat conduction in insulators. Through the use of idealized models of lattice vibration, we study the detailed mechanisms by which energy is distributed among modes in coupled systems, which also reveals the means by which heat is transported in insulating solids. This work combines modern formalism of nonequilibrium statistical mechanics with results of numerical models.

First Principles of Physics: The other area is the development of physics based on first principles of Aristotle, Aquinas, Maritain, and Rizzi. Currently, I teach introductory physics with calculus (mechanics, electricity and magnetism) using Rizzi's new textbook "Physics for Realists". I am also teaching a new course for engineers, scientists, and mathematicians to introduce them to the same principles. We are continuing the development of these ideas into the subjects of electricity and magnetism, advanced mechanics, statistical physics, and quantum physics.




PHYS 122 (Physics Majors) "Introductory Mechanics (Physics for Realists)" (Moved to Blackboard)

PHYS 221 (Physics Majors) "Electricity and Magnetism (Physics for Realists)" (Moved to Blackboard)




"The old Sandia EAM package, somewhat updated," (Fall 2006)